Dr Carl Wheldon


Currently I am working in the field of exotic nuclei and nuclei lying on boundary between the astrophysical rapid- and slow-neutron capture processes. More details »


I currently teach

  • Reactor physics lectures on the PTNR MSc.,
  • Reactor physics lectures on the NTEC programme.
  • Reactor physics on the French student summer school
  • Waste-to-Wealth PBL decommissioning topic on the French student summer school
  • PTNR MSc. project supervisor,
  • PTNR MSc. thesis assessment,
  • Fourth-year project supervisor (Physics),
  • Fourth-year project supervisor (Nuclear Engineering),
  • Head of third-year nuclear laboratory,
  • Fission and fusion lectures for year3 and year4,
  • Chair of nuclear exam vetting group,
  • Third-year pastoral tutor,
  • Second-year tutor,
  • Hands-on experiments at the Birmingham cyclotron intensive residential course as part of the UK nuclear physics graduate school.

Other Roles

  • Joint academic lead at the Birmingham MC40 cyclotron.
  • Nuclear Liaison Officer to the NEA Databank for the University of Birmingham.
  • Ph.D supervisor. Link to project on FindAPhD.
  • International journal referee.
  • External Ph.D examiner.

Other Links

My research is funded by the STFC.

You can find out more about my research, free programs etc. at the research resources page.

Carl Wheldon

Senior Lecturer in Nuclear Physics

+44 (0)121 41 44683
Room 314, Physics East