Dr Tzany Kokalova Wheldon


Currently I am working in the field of exotic nuclei. More details »


I currently teach

  • Director of the Nuclear Decomissioning and Waste Management MSc. programme,
  • Detectors on the French student summer school
  • Waste-to-Wealth PBL decommissioning topic on the French student summer school
  • First-year electronics lecture course,
  • First-year tutorials for nuclear engineers,
  • Second-year tutorials for nuclear engineers,
  • Second-year projects,
  • Third-year teaching in schools,
  • Third-year nuclear engineering laboratory,
  • Third-year nuclear engineering decommissioning group-study,
  • Fourth-year project supervisor (Physics),
  • Fourth-year project supervisor (Nuclear Engineering),
  • PTNR MSc. laboratory,
  • PTNR MSc. quality assurance lead,
  • Currently supervising four Ph.D students in nuclear physics.

Other Links

My research is funded by the STFC and the University of Birmingham.

You can find out more about my research, together with free programs for analysis etc. on my home page.

Tzany Kokalova Wheldon

Senior lecturer in Nuclear Physics

+44 (0)121 414 4687
Room 308, Physics East