Past Nuclear Physics Seminars 2008-2009

2008-2009 Nuclear Physics Seminars

Summer Term 2009

Wednesday 3rd June, 13:30, S06 (Poynting small lecture theatre).
Joint seminar with particle physics.
Speaker: Tom Burton (University of Birmingham)
Title: Transverse spin asymmetries in neutral strange particle production.

Wednesday 10th June, 13:30, S06 (Poynting small lecture theatre).
Joint seminar with particle physics.
Speaker: Lee Barnby (University of Birmingham)
Title: Recent results from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider: a perfect liquid?.

Wednesday 24th June, 15:00, W106.
Speaker: Lise-Lotte Andersson (University of Liverpool)
Title: TASISpec -- The next step in Superheavy Element Spectroscopy.

Wednesday 15th July, 15:00, W103.
Speaker: Jose Javier Valiente Dobon (LNL, Italy)
Title: Agata at LNL.

Spring Term 2009

Wednesday 28th January, 15:00, W106.
Speaker: Peter Haigh (University of Birmingham)
Title: The search for molecular cluster structures in 11Be and 14C.

Friday 20th March, 14:00, E415b (Theory Library).
Speaker: Roy Lemmon (Daresbury Laboratory)
Title: Determination of the equation of state of asymmetric nuclear matter.

CANCELLED. To be rescheduled later in this seminar season.
Speaker: Louise Evans (University of Birmingham)
Title: Application of simulation methods to non-destructive assay physics research.

Mon.-Wed., 6-8th April IOP Nuclear Physics conference in Birmingham

Winter Term 2008

Wednesday 29th October, 15:30pm, W103.
Speaker: Dr Bradley Cheal (University of Manchester)
Title: Laser spectroscopy and a summer of measurements at Jyväskylä and CERN.

Wednesday 5th November, 13:30, Poynting small lecture theatre.
Joint seminar with particle physics.
Speaker: Dr Giles Harrison (University of Reading)
Title: High energy atmospheric ionisation and clouds.

Wednesday 26th November, 15:30, W103.
Speaker: Dr Klaus Spohr (University of the West of Scotland)
Title: Laser induced photo-nuclear reactions, recent successes and future strategies.

Wednesday 10th December, 15:30, W103.
Speaker: Dr Paul Stevenson (University of Surrey)
Title: A variational approach to nuclear dynamics.

Friday 12th December, 15:00, W125 (Physics Library).
Speaker: Tom Leadbeater (University of Birmingham)
Title: The development of positron imaging systems for applications in industrial process tomography.

Monday 15th December, 14:00, W103.
Speaker: Prof. Bikash Sinha (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics & Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre)
Title: From collider to cosmology - the mini bang and the big bang.

Wednesday 17th December, 15:00, W103.
Speaker: Dr. Marialuisa Aliotta (University of Edinburgh)
Title: Nuclear reactions in stars: recent results and future opportunities.