Mr Jack Bishop


Currently, I am working in the field of exotic nuclei looking at experimental signatures of alpha-condensation in light nuclei. My current work utilises the CHIMERA+FARCOS array at LNS, Catania to analyse experimental data obtained by the group in 2015. By populating high excitation energies in 28Si with a compound nuclear reaction and studying the sequential decay, signatures of alpha-condensation can be achieved by studing 7 alpha-particle events. Additionally, reconstruction of intermediate nuclei from this decay may yield evidence of additional N-alpha cluster structures such as those proposed in 16O. More information about this work is available here. More details »

As part of our research group, I have attended experiments at:

  • Birmingham (2014-2017)
  • TUM/LMU, Munich (2013,2016,2017)
  • INFN, Catania (2015,2016)
  • INFN, Legnaro (2016,2017)
  • GANIL, Caen (2017)


Previous teaching duties have included:

  • MSc Nuclear Physics Laboratory (PTNR/DWM)
  • Y3 Group Studies - Medical Imaging
  • Y2 Projects
  • Y2 C++

Additional responibilities

  • Postgraduate Mentor - More details.
  • I am also a tutor for the Villiers Park Education Trust physics courses - More details.

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Jack Bishop

Postgraduate Research Student in Nuclear Physics

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