Positron Imaging Centre

Some of the Uses of PET and PEPT at Birmingham

   Superimopsed data to show Bulk Motion

The Positron Imaging Centre at Birmingham caters to a wide variety of users, whether this is at the University or off-site. The users that visit the University generally comprise PhD students and Postdocs, whereas industries or places with fixed equipment benefit more from the off-site ability of our detector units.

The study of flows and measures of blending/mixing are two of the more common experiments performed using PEPT, and examples of a few of these are given below. The beauty of PEPT is that it does not have to be restricted to the types of experiments described below. Many shapes and sizes of particles can be activated either by our ion-exchange method, or by direct activation in the University's MC40 Cyclotron. As such, anyone looking to use PEPT in their study can find out more information by contacting the Birmingham positron imaging centre.