Nuclear Physics Summer School 2009

The XVth Postgraduate Nuclear Physics Summer School was held at The University of Leicester, 12th - 23rd September 2009.

The school poster can be found here (PDF: 649 KB).

Andy Boston (Liverpool); Applications of nuclear physics
Helen Caines (Yale); Relativistic heavy-ion collisions
Morton Hjorth-Jensen (Oslo); Nuclear theory
Paul Howarth (Dalton Institute); Nuclear energy
Ralf Kaiser (Glasgow); Nuclear & hadron physics with EM probes
Reiner Krücken (Munich); Spectroscopy of exotic nuclei
Karlheinz Langanke (GSI); Nuclear & particle astrophysics
David Radford (ORNL); Gamma-ray spectroscopy

The deadline for applications for the Summer School was 26th June 2009.

The school directors were: Dr. David Joss and Dr. Carl Wheldon.