Panel Meetings

May 22nd 2009
  • Review of terms of reference and context for the scientific strategy.
July 1st 2009
  • Discussion of scientific questions.
  • Linking of science, facilities and projects.
  • First look at projects and budgets.
August 7th 2009
  • Funding scenarios and future projects.
September 11th 2009
  • Final report.
Community Meetings:
  • Nuclear Physics IoP conference (Birmingham) 6th-8th April 2009.
    (Open community meeting, kicking off the strategy development)
  • Coseners House (Abbingdon) 11th-12th June 2009.
    (Community meeting, feedback on "Science Questions" and content of "Strategy".)
    Presentation [PPT: 9.63 MB].
  • Daresbury 11th September 2009.
    (Community meeting to discuss draft report and priorities.)
    Presentation [PPT: 1.32MB].